Food Processor vs Blender: Which is Better?

Food processor or blender, which one do you need? What’s the difference between the two?

We are going to answer these questions and give our suggestions about which one should you buy.

Blender :

A blender is a shredder that shreds vegetables and fruits and makes juice out of them. They are very different from juicers. With a juicer, you can only juice the vegetable/fruit without pulp and fiber. Wherewith blenders you can even blend thickest of vegetables. You can’t insert a whole watermelon inside them, but you can cut that watermelon into pieces and insert them to make juice or smoothie.

You can blend spices and make a paste out of them to use them in curry. Not to be racist or anything but subcontinent people do that a lot.

If you have looked for food processors you have probably found a lot of appliances alongside the food processor. Where blender is a whole package and comes with all the necessary appliances.

Blenders are created with the idea in mind to make a soup type recipe in a small time.

You can make smoothies and mashed vegetables easily.

Blenders have high rpm motors. Modern blenders can have anywhere from 2000rpm motor to 29000rpm motor.

You can imagine how fast they are. Safety tip, don’t even think of putting anything made of flesh there.


Food processors:

Food processors can do more hard labor tasks. For example, you can’t make a dough with a blender. But you can do that with food processors.

Food processors support a wide variety of bowl sizes. According to your need, you can use different bowls.

The blade attachments can do the slicing, shredding, and chopping. Depending on the model you purchase the adjustability will vary.


Food processors vs blenders:

Where food processors are great for bakers and industrial use, blenders are more suited for home use. Sure, you can use a food processor for your home. But all the extra appliances will cost you a lot.

If you are not willing to spend that much behind a food processor then we recommend you get a blender.

But ultimately the decision will drop on to you. Do you have the need for a food processor in your life? You need to ask that question to yourself. If the answer is no, then don’t buy one. Surely you will regret the purchase down the line.

If you work with a lot of liquid then the best option for you is the blender. But if you are an aspiring baker and make a lot of dough related recipes then the best option for you is the food processor. But you need to buy the right appliances.

The thing is both of them are quite different. If they were related like blenders vs juicers then the answer would have been easy. Here justifying a food processor purchase is really hard. The simple reason is its pricing. You can buy separate blenders for your whole family with the price of a single food processor with appliances.

Then again if you are a baker or you own a small restaurant, the food processor purchase makes more sense.

In both scenarios, I can’t seem to disclose the idea of not having a blender. Blender is an essential kitchen equipment that you use almost every day. That’s why we always recommend you to get a decent blender. You can purchase good ones for less than 100$.

You just need to look for the correct size and rpm for you.

Before I end the article I just want to remind you again, they are powerful products don’t do anything stupid with them.