There are tons of people that love small and compact designs. If you are one of them chances are you love small kitchens too. For those people today we bring you lots of small kitchen ideas and inspiration

We are going to include the basic design and some detail about that design alongside we will also try to suggest some kitchen faucets.

Color scheme:

Now, this is important. If you want harmony between all the closets and the walls of the kitchen it’s really important to keep a balance between the colors. A crisp color scheme is always welcome. If you are going for multicolor we request you to opt for colors that contrast each other. For a neutral color scheme, you should choose light and airy colors.

Flexible storage:

We are playing with as little space as possible here. That’s why we need to play our cards right. Instead of investing in a multi-compartment closet, we should make the best out of what we have. That’s why the flexible storage idea came from. You can still make a multi-layer of the closet but don’t make it too big. You can always leave some hanger hanging from the closet where you can hang your spoons or mugs. Make the most out of it.


In small kitchens, you should go all out on the flooring. No one going to stop you from doing so. Go bold and select as beautiful tiles you want. You can go for a strong pattern. Make your floor do the talking. 

Combined induction extractor hob:

Instead of an extractor hood swap it with combined induction extractor hob. It’s a great option for small kitchens. Not only this is going to save you a lot of space it will also save you time while cooking. 

If you leave the area above the hob open it will give the optical illusion of having a wide space kitchen.

Kitchen island:

Instead of using a kitchen table swap it with a kitchen island. In a small kitchen, it might seem like a terrible idea. But in a long thin kitchen, it is a great option. Because not only it solves your kitchen table problem it also gives you extra storage.

Match cupboard and walls:

When you pain the kitchen make sure to match the cupboards and the walls. Why is that? It creates an optical illusion of depths. It seems like you have a lot of things inside the kitchen. It creates depth for your kitchen. This always a good thing.

More storage:

Here is a catch. Instead of adding more storage, be crafty. Use that awkward corner and turn it into storage. In a small kitchen, you will appreciate any storage you find. Putting all of your pots in a cupboard is not going to be easy. Perhaps will be impossible. That’s why to use that corner space and turn it into a small cupboard. You can use that cupboard to store your huge pots.


You should avoid purchasing large containers. Every kitchen needs some sorts of containers. To store a large quantity we often get big jars to store. Sometimes drums even. When you are building a small kitchen, you should avoid doing such things. To make the kitchen look neat you should avoid using large containers. Use the smaller ones in a pattern that suits the hangers and compliments your wall color. It will look beautiful.

Kitchen faucet:

You will need to choose the correct style that fits your kitchen. For a large kitchen, we normally suggest a pullout sprayer faucet. But you can get away by using a small sprayer farmhouse kitchen faucet. But if you are a fan of the pullout sprayer make sure the spout height of the sprayer is moderately smaller than others. 

The bottom line is, be creative. You can do a lot of things in your kitchen to make it look more beautiful. We may have missed some options but you must make sure you don’t.