How To Use a Bread MachineIf you search on the internet about how to use a bread machine, the first thing you will see is a Wikihow link. Let’s be real as much as we appreciate Wiki its Wikihow page guide is not the best. We can agree on that much.

That’s the reason you are here. Welcome, I hope that I can be of help today.

First, let me answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding a bread machine.


Is a bread machine worth it?

This is one of the most asked questions in any bread machine review website or videos.

To simply answer your question, yes, they are 100% worth it. A brand new bread machine purchase will open up a brand new world of baking bread to you. Baking is a hobby of many people and baking bread in a micro-oven might not be the best idea.

They are made to bake breaks and that’s what they do best.

If you are someone that can’t pass their days without having a good piece of loave. You will absolutely love a bread machine.


How do you make bread in a bread maker?

The ingredients will vary depending on the bread type. But a basic bread needs only 4 types of ingredients to make.

Water, flour, yeast, and salt that’s it. You can make bread with these 4 things alone. But if you are willing to make some fancy, get some fancy ingredients first.

Depending on the recipe you may need to add sugar in your bread too.

Olive oil or vegetable oil is good for bread making too. Oil helps from the dow to get sticky. You can make bread without any kind of oil don’t worry.

But one thing you should do is, follow instructions. Instructions will save you time and effort. Make sure that you don’t overfill the machine. If you are planning to make large quantity then put them inside in batches.

Breadmaker doesn’t come with infinite spaces. Depending on the model you can stuff max 2 pounds of materials inside.

The machine instruction gives the basic loaf size. And you need to follow that. If you put an oversized loaf you may end up destroying the bread.

If you put too much water your bread loaf will fail to rise. If you add too little water then the bread will be tough. That’s why you need to be as accurate as possible.


How do you use the dough setting on a bread maker?

Although the bread you make will undoubtedly be tasty, it may not be Instagram worthy.

There are two reasons for that, the first is that the bread maker doesn’t get hot enough to achieve that good looking crust. The second reason is that many bread makers come in an odd shape. Not like a regular micro oven.

To help you in this matter the dough setting comes in.

If you are looking for the best looking brand with a little amount of work, the dough setting is a blessing for you.

Many machines stop working after mixing the dough and the ingredients. Then you need to take out the dough and bake it yourself. Even after that, the bread maker saves a ton of time.

If you have made bread heavy and dense, that means you have not read the instruction clearly. Don’t be like that. The instruction will save time and effort. You don’t want to put your time into waste, do you? Not reading the instruction is not a smart move.

With that said, we hope you bake some good bread and share it with us.