How To Clean An Ice Maker Important Things To RememberYou have decided to buy an ice maker for this summer. Just like most people, you decided not to read the included guide and now you don’t know how to clean an ice maker. Well, don’t worry. That’s why we are here, to help you solve this problem.

It will take a couple of minutes of your life to read the whole thing, but it’s worth it.

Remove all the bin or dispenser:

Before you start the cleaning process all ice from the machine must be removed.

Press the power switch at the end of the harvest cycle when ice falls from the evaporators.

If you press the power switch again it will completely melt the ice.


Press the clean/wash button:

If your ice maker comes with one (which it should) press the clean/wash button. What it does is, it makes water flow through the water valve and dumps through the drain. But you have to wait for the water to refill. It will ask to add chemicals.


Add ice:

Read the manual of the ice machine and add the needed amount of ice inside the machine. It’s necessary.


Wait for the cycle to end:

It should take around 20minutes or so. Wait patiently for the cycle to end.

After the cycle ends don’t forget to turn off the power button.


Remove all internal ice-making components:

You need to clean them manually. To do that you need to take them out of the machine first. If you don’t know how to do that your ice-making machine should come with a manual. If you have thrown that out you can find an online manual on the manufacturer website. If you can’t find that just search on youtube about your machine model and you will find a guide for sure.


Mix cleaner and lukewarm water:

Mix the normal amount of cleaner. For 1 gallon of water use 16 ounces of cleaner. Mix them properly before using them.


Use half of the mixture to clean all the components:

Don’t use up the whole thing. You will need some mixture for the next step.


Use the other half to clean food zone surface:

The ice bin or the dispenser that you took out earlier. Use a nylon brush to brush off any leftovers from the bin and use the soapy water to make squeaky clean.


Rinse everything:

But this time, make sure you don’t use any chemicals or water cleaner mixture. Use clean water to rinse everything you washed so far.


How to clean the exterior of an ice maker:

Now that you cleansed the inside of the ice maker now, switch your attention towards the exterior.


Make sure to clean the surface often:

If you keep your ice maker in a dusty area then the machine surface will catch a lot of dust. Even if you don’t want the surface of the machine will catch a ton of dust. When you open up the machine without cleaning the surface, some dust may enter the machine and into your drink/ice.


Wipe the surface with a cloth:

Unlike the interior where you used direct water to clean off the whole thing. Don’t do that with the exterior. One big reason the electric circuit is open towards the outside. If water gets inside that, the machine will malfunction.


Use a damp cloth to remove the grease:

Use a dishwasher/soap water solution, soak your cloth in it and wipe the surface with it. It will remove all the grease from it.

There you go, you now know how to clean your ice maker. And don’t forget to clean it regularly. Unless you enjoy grease and dust in your ice.